Best Healthcare PR Firms Listed in New Mobile App

Best Healthcare PR Firms Listed in New Mobile App

By Marta Majstorovic

Many business owners struggle to find the right PR firm for their company. They don’t have time to spend hours on the phone or sift through different websites. Business owners often don’t know where to start, what their budget should be or who to contact.

TechNewswires recently launched the first free PR mobile app that helps business owners identify their perfect PR match according to industry and budget. Researchers at TechNewswires scoured the web for the most competent and experienced PR firms to create their comprehensive PR App.

The PR App identifies the best PR firms, provides expert advice, and features a Q&A section with experienced publicists. It also guides users through the entire media campaign launch process to ensure they receive efficient, accountable and successful PR campaigns.

TechNewswires did not receive any compensation from the PR firms named in this free mobile app. These are objective recommendations based on their experiences working with PR firms from across the country.

Who are the Best Healthcare PR Firms?

To find their perfect healthcare PR firm, users are prompted to select their monthly PR budget. The budget options are: Less than $1500; $1500-$3500; $3501-$5500; $5501-$8500; More than $8500.

For example, a healthcare company with a budget between $3501-$5500, will be matched with several small healthcare PR firms like Macias PR located in New York City.

Macias PR was established in 2009 by Mark Macias, a former Executive Producer with NBC and Senior Producer with CBS in New York. Macias told TechNewswires the new mobile PR app will provide business owners with much needed guidance when searching for a PR firm.

“Every week, I hear from business owners who say they had a bad experience with their last PR firm,” said Macias. “It’s so important to thoroughly research a PR firm and to speak with the media strategist who will lead and develop your media campaign. Do your homework.”

The PR App shows Macias PR as one of the few PR firms that can work with a variety of budgets. Macias PR works with healthcare companies of all sizes and consistently wins placements in the world’s most influential healthcare and consumer publications.

How Much does a PR Campaign Cost?

The PR app also features the only online PR budget calculator, allowing users to find a PR firm that fits their budget. A few simple questions about campaign size and business targets help companies get an estimate of what their budget should be. This easy and convenient calculator is a great place to start PR research.

Most PR firms require hours on the phone before even talking about cost. Business owners don’t have the time or the energy to waste. The PR App’s straightforward tool gives business owners concrete answers quickly and efficiently.

Entrepreneurs and business owners can download the free PR App on iOS or Android.

Authored by: USNewswires