Healthcare PR Firms – Why Experience Matters More than Personality

Healthcare PR Firms – Why Experience Matters More than Personality

By Rutger Ochsendorf

You don’t get a healthcare or health tech story in the news by creating a catchy video or funny commercial. You get a healthcare story on TV or in the newspaper by communicating to reporters how this issue impacts society as a whole, according to one of the country’s top healthcare PR experts.

Former journalist, Mark Macias, is true media expert. He was the Executive Producer of NBC where he oversaw the healthcare and medical units. He was a Senior Producer with CBS in New York. Macias know runs his own tech PR firm, Macias PR, which was recognized by Finance Monthly as the best PR Firm in the USA in 2015 and 2016.

Macias knows how to get healthcare stories on the news better than most healthcare publicists. He has successfully run media campaigns for health tech start-ups as well as established healthcare organizations. His work has led to media stories for his clients with the biggest names in news – New York Times, Fox News, CBS News and others.

Macias says health tech and healthcare news stories require a different approach than the traditional stories because the health of a person is on the line.

“It’s one thing to get a lifestyle app or restaurant on the news because those stories don’t have huge ramifications,” says Macias who founded the NYC-based PR firm, Macias PR, in 2009. “Healthcare stories require a more detailed understanding of the narrative.”

PR Experience vs Personality

You can have a bright personality and the perfect smile, but media knowledge and experience will always lead to better results with the media, says Macias. A bubbly personality might help with nightlife or lifestyle PR, but with industries like healthcare and health tech, Macias says a solid understanding of media strategy is more important.

Want to hear more? You can watch the VLOG below where Macias gives more personal insight on how to succeed with healthcare PR.


Authored by: USNewswires