New Mobile Tool Reveals Cost for Healthcare PR

New Mobile Tool Reveals Cost for Healthcare PR

By Justine McGarrigle

Every health tech or healthcare organization whose tried to get a PR quote knows you rarely get a straight answer on cost from the firm.

The PR firms never want to provide a quote over the phone. Instead, they push for long meetings where you must reveal personal information about your business and financials. It’s a painful process to find out if you can even afford healthcare PR.

Now there is a new mobile tool—the PR calculator— that allows any healthcare or health tech start-up to know within a few clicks how much a PR campaign will cost your organization.

You don’t need to speak with anyone or share personal information. Users just need to answer a few simple questions regarding the purpose of your publicity.

Free Tool for Healthcare PR Estimate

The free online tool was developed by the top healthcare and health tech PR firm, Macias PR, which Finance Monthly recently named the 2016 Financial PR Firm of the Year – USA.

The founder of the firm, Mark Macias, is a former Executive Producer with NBC and Senior Producer with CBS in New York. He says the PR calculator provides a quick estimate for healthcare organizations that are curious about PR.

“We created this online PR estimate to bring more transparency to the PR industry,” said Macias. “Business owners call us all the time, asking for a PR quote. It’s difficult to give an estimate without knowing anything about their product or service. It’s like saying you want to buy a house, but you don’t say where you want to live. Our PR calculator helps us provide a customized estimate based on your specific PR needs.”

The free online tool takes less than a minute to fill out.

Users answer questions, like what is the purpose of your campaign and which news outlets do you want to reach. The answers help the firm identify an estimate of resources, cost and even a media strategy for the PR launch.

“The cost for every PR campaign varies by resources, complexity of the message, and whether it is a national, B2B or local campaign,” said Macias. “This online tool provides us with the information to provide a customized estimate for every campaign – regardless of industry.”

Macias PR has run media and branding campaigns for clients in health tech, healthcare, technology, financial, nonprofits and for startups. Their team has secured media placements for these clients with the biggest news organizations, including the New York Times, The Financial Times, Good Morning America, The Today Show and others.

You can check out the free online PR calculator tool by clicking here.

Authored by: USNewswires