Top Healthcare PR Firm Launches free Publicity App

Top Healthcare PR Firm Launches free Publicity App

By Justine McGarrigle

Most health tech startups want publicity but they don’t have the time or the resources to reach out to healthcare reporters.

Now there is a free publicity app that can help healthcare startups identify the narrative needed to get your product on the news.

The Publicity App was created by the top healthcare PR firm, Macias PR, which has run media campaigns for healthcare and health tech organizations.

The founder of the firm, Mark Macias, was an Executive Producer with NBC in New York where he oversaw the medical and health units.

“Many healthcare professionals wrongly believe that who you know will get you in the news,” said Macias. “Yes, a contact helps but you can’t scale your media relationships. If you want media coverage, you first need to identify the narrative for coverage. That is where The Publicity App helps. It gives guidance for identifying the news angle.”

The Publicity App is the first PR app of its kind. The app helps users navigate through the six most popular types of media campaigns: startup publicity, credibility campaigns, crisis management, revenue generation campaigns, online/SEO campaigns and event promotion.

“The Publicity App doesn’t replace a publicist,” said Macias. “You need to still use your own creative thinking and actually reach out to reporters. But for those small health tech startups that don’t know where to begin, this is a great first step.”

Users can learn more about The Publicity App at

Authored by: USNewswires