Conversation App for Work Parties – Be the Life of the Party

By Frida Johannes

Everyone hates those awkward holiday work parties when you’re forced to converse with coworkers about life outside of work, but unfortunately, those times are right around the corner.

If you’re starting to get anxiety about that upcoming work party (or any holiday party), we have a mobile app that can help you work any room like a pro.

The mobile app, Blush No More, is essentially a cheat sheet that provides conversation starters to help end awkward silent moments. It also contains an interactive visual guide to help users read body language, using photos from real situations to help consumers assess whether a party patron is open to conversation or ready to leave.

Blush No More was created by the top tech PR firm, Macias PR, which was recently awarded the 2015 “PR Consultant Firm of the Year – USA” by Finance Monthly.

The founder of Macias PR, Mark Macias, is a former journalist who spent a career getting information out of strangers. He says his PR firm created the mobile app after he realized a lot of people have difficulty making small talk.

“Not everyone is excited for their holiday work parties, especially in an environment that is full of office politics,” Macias said. “Our mobile app was designed to provide quick material for any conversation. Of course, you don’t want to read from your phone while conversing. If you use the app like that, you probably need more than a mobile communications app.”

Blush No More provides questions for different situations – some scandalous and others more PC. Some content suggestions for upcoming holiday parties include:

Q) If you could make up any company policy, what would it be?

Q) What do you think would make for a great company perk?

Q) Which of our coworkers do you think would make the most odd couple?

Q) Whose a better boss, men or women?

“The key to great conversation is engagement,” Macias said. “You want to ask open-ended questions that continually move the conversation forward and keep people thinking.”

Apparently, a lot of people around the world have problems communicating. Blush No More was the fastest growing communication app in July and August 2015, according to its publisher, Mobincube – in part from stories featured on news sites around the world, including Channel 11 in NYC, Yahoo China, Daily Mail UK, GQ Italy AOL News and others.

Macias says he hasn’t devoted any advertising to promoting Blush No More on the Internet. He credits his PR campaign for the app’s quick success.

“It’s all about getting into the conversation and staying in the conversation,” Macias said. “It’s no different with PR. Our mobile app is getting Macias PR into the conversation, just like hopefully Blush No More will get you into the conversation.”

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